kitchen cold room
kitchen cold room
₹ 250,000.00

General Details:
Cold room temperature:
Puf Panels:
Insulation Material:
Puf panel finish:
Insulation Thickness:
Floor inuslation should be same of puf panel thickness:
Cold room door:
Refrigeration Machine Features:
Refrigeration machine in HP:
Refrigeration machine in BTU/HR at Evap. Temp. -5 Deg and condensing temp 35 deg C:
Machine Quantity:
Evaporator finish:
Evap. Fan size and quantity:
Compressor Type:
Compressor Make:
Compressor Model:
Refrigrant gas in units:
Refrigrant gas specification:
Piping insulation free with each machine:
Electrical Power Supply:
Electrical power supply:
Power input in watts:
Packing Delivery & Taxes:
Despatch time after releasing the order:
Road Permit Or Way Form:

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